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The CogniXam is a screening tool that can potentially be utilized to evaluate cognitive abilities. The assessment model along with the VCFAT,VCFST, Neurassess,MTCA,MTCA-Redefined and MTCA-Brief was been created by Mirza Niaz Zaman Elin,MD as a significant part of one of his research projects titled “The role of Verbo-visual factors in enhancement of cognitive functions”. The theories of cognition such as the dual-coding theory, the common coding theory, the propositional theory, the ideomotor theory formed the foundational basis of the assessment model. The dual-coding theory hypothesized by Late Dr.Allan Paivio who greatly emphasized both the individual functional and complementary roles of verbal stimuli and visual imagery played the crucial role in the case of structuring the model. The assessment method emphasizes most of the aspects of cognitive function such as perception, attention, memory, learning abilities, decision making abilities and language abilities. The screening test can potentially be utilized in cases of cognitive impairment in neurodegenerative diseases, ageing related cognitive decline as well as cognitive impairment in Post Concussion Syndrome (PCS). It can also be potentially utilized in psychological interventions emphasizing cognitive stimulation and cognitive training that are structured exclusively for patients with Neurodegenerative diseases such as the Alzheimer's disease and other conditions causing cognitive decline. Quantification oriented vigorous research is required to precisely evaluate the efficacy of the assessment method as a screening tool as well as a therapeutic approach.

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